14 Ways To Stay Motivated To Train

We have all been at the bottom and also been at the top. The difference has been our mindset and the execution of our plans. Below are some things that I thought could help us all stay motivated or really, in the best state of mind to help us continue on the journey towards our goals.

#1: Set Small Goals And Crush Them

Do you want to lose 25-50 lbs.? Do you want to go from a 315 lb. Deadlift PR to a 500+ lb. PR? Well, you are a long way away. Instead of focusing on the BIG number or the BIG goal, focus on the small goals and crush them. Instead of focusing on losing 50 lbs., focus on losing 2 lbs. per week. Instead of focusing on gaining 100 lbs. on your squat, focus on gaining 5-10 lbs. per month. A little goes a long way, and you will constantly feel accomplished.

#2: Try New Exercises

Changing your training routine can be challenging and require a lot of effort. Something much simpler may be just adding a new exercise to your training program. Add in kettlebells, bands to your barbell lifts, advanced bodyweight movements or simply changing the tool you use to perform the movement. These things will keep your mind working without it overworking.

#3: Proper Rest

Training 5-6 days per week is respectable but so is giving your body the proper rest it needs to recover. Constantly breaking down your muscles without allowing them enough time to recover, over enough time, is a sure way to injury yourself. Plus, allowing your body to recover, will make your body feel 100 times fresher when you get back.

#4: Music

Listen to the music that will get you “In The Zone” and will Hype you up. Spend an hour looking up new songs and create a badass playlist that will guarantee you to trigger your mind to focus and be ready for the next workout.

#5: Training Partner

There have been studies that say, “training with a partner will increase your results by 50-60%”. While that number may be debatable, the fact is, having a quality training partner will hold you accountable with your lifts or training methods, and get your ass in the gym when you don’t want to train.

#6: Stretching

A body that is always tight, sore or constantly injured can make you feel unmotivated. Stretching will lengthen your muscle fibers and increase blood flow to your muscles leading to a less “injury-prone” body, less fatigue, and limbers up your muscles.

#7: Have a Training Routine

A sure way to fail in your training is to have a completely random training routine. There is a very little way to track your progress or results without knowing what type of training you are doing on a given day. Not being on a routine typically leads to the individual to train muscle groups they feel like training versus exercises they need to train. You’re also likely to create many imbalances for overtraining specific areas and undertraining others.

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#8: Have Fun In Your Training

Yes, training can be very serious. You won’t always like the exercises or movements that you do. But it is important that you look forward to training. If you love a specific movement or type of training (Boxing, MMA, Yoga, etc.) but you have other goals that don’t align with that type of training, you can still add different training methods in your routine, but maybe after your primary work is completed. It’s important to not only get results but enjoy the process as well.

#9: Change The Pace

If you are used to intense full-body workouts 3 days per week, you may want to change it up for a few weeks. Your body tries its best to adapt to your training as quickly as possible. In as little as 3 weeks, your body may stop responding to your workouts as much as it did initially. Switching to a bodybuilding routine, a bodyweight training plan or strength training routine for a few weeks might be just what you need to start seeing the results again.

#10: Work With A Professional

Even the most experienced athletes in the world have professionals they work with. Whether you are a veteran in the weight room or in combat sports, you can always learn a new trick or two. In life, many times we stay in the same mindset and training routine for such a long time, we forget the “little things”. Many times, a professional in your discipline will bring you back to the basics, give you a better perspective on training and also help teach you things you never knew.

#11: Proper Nutrition For Energy

If you are feeling tired and sluggish almost every time you train. If your opponent is constantly beating you, not by skill but by endurance and stamina. If you aren’t seeing the results in your abs or body that you hoped for. 9 times out of 10 it is your nutrition. Make sure you fuel your body properly before and after training. And read up on proper nutrition needed for your sport or discipline.

#12: Eliminate Excuses

17 years in the business and I have heard every excuse and used every excuse myself. I have heard some of the craziest excuses known to man. I will tell you this…Excuses will generate zero calories burned. Excuses will never get you to your PR (personal record). Excuses will never help you win your next match. And Excuses will give you a weak mind and body. Be REAL with yourself. If you suck at something, own it. Embrace the suck and get better at your weaknesses. Keep your mind sharp and motivated. Put a motivational quote on the background of your phone as a reminder to keep the excuses out of your life.

#13: Challenge Yourself

Doing the same routine over and over again is very boring and mundane for most people. Especially if your big goals are so far away, it’s often hard to keep motivated. Challenge yourself such as trying a new sport, enter a competition, participate in a race, train outdoors for the day, or start Yoga. Anything that will engage your mind and body in a different and new way is a great challenge for yourself. Besides, you’d be surprised how much you can learn about yourself through challenges and adversity.

#14: Surround Yourself With The Right People

This goes beyond training partners. If you are constantly around people who don’t support your training, who try to get you to eat poorly, who think you’re “too serious” with your training or who always find ways to put you down, then you need to find new people! Find people who you can learn and grow from. Find good mentors. Those will be the ones to help you crush your goals.


There are many other tips to help you stay motivated. These were just a few I thought you can benefit from. Writing some of these, I realized that I also needed some of these tips in my life. Thank you and best of luck in your training!


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