5 Kettlebell Complexes to Annihilate Fat and Build Lean Muscle

What is a Kettlebell Complex?

If you have trained long enough, you have come across “Complexes”. A Complex is simply two or more exercises performed consecutively until your specific rep goal is completed. There are a few rules:

  • You don’t set the weight down in between movements
  • You don’t change the weight during the complex
  • You don’t rest until the reps of all movements are completed

What are the benefits of Kettlebell Complexes?

Boredom effects all of us during training at some point. Whether you aren’t seeing results, feel the workouts are mundane or just need a new ‘kick in the ass”, Kettlebell Complexes can reignite your passion for training. Here are some benefits of Kettlebell Complexes:

  • Burn calories faster and more effectively
  • Quick but intense workouts in 30 minutes or less
  • Train several muscle groups at once
  • Unlimited variations to keep yourself from getting bored
  • Improves lean muscle mass

Here are the 5 Kettlebell Complexes that are guaranteed to get you results!

#1: The Bear vs. Wolf Complex – 1 Kettlebell

10 Surrenders

10 Swings

10 DL High-Pulls

*10 Burpees after each round

*Beginner: 3 rounds     Advanced: 5 rounds

*Rest: 60 seconds after each round

*Suggested weight: Women: 1 KB @25lbs.     Men: 1 KB @35lbs.

#2: The Punisher – 2 Kettlebells

10 Overhead Presses

10 Squats

10 Alternating Rows

10 Alternating Clean and Presses

*Beginner: 3 Rounds    Advanced: 5 rounds

*Rest: 60 seconds after each round

*Suggested weight: Women: 2 KB @20lbs. each     Men: 2 KB @30lbs. each

#3: Strong Style Gauntlet – 2 Kettlebells

*Each round decrease reps by 1 rep – 8 total rounds (8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)

8 Squat Presses

8 Deadlifts

8 Clean and Presses

8 Surrenders

*8 Pull-ups after the round

*Rest: 60 seconds after each round

*Suggested weight: Women: 2 KB @15lbs. each.    Men: 2 KB @35lbs. each

#4: The 300 Workout – 1 Kettlebell

100 Squats

100 Swings

100 Lunges

*Beginner: 50 reps of each

*Rest: 60 seconds after each round

*Suggested weight: Women: 1 KB @15lbs.     Men: 1 KB @25lbs.

#5: The Core Annihilator – 1 Kettlebell

8 Wood Chops each side

8 Standing Chest Presses

8 Sit-ups

8 V-ups

8 Russian Twists each side

*Beginner: 3 rounds     Advanced: 5 rounds

*Rest: 60 seconds after each round

*Suggested weight: Women: 1 KB @20lbs.     Men: 1 KB @25lbs.

Concluding Thoughts:

Kettlebells are an excellent way to not only build lean muscle but to get conditioned and burn a ton of calories in a short period of time. However, I often see people using the wrong weight. If you are gassed out after the second movement, chances are you are using too heavy of a weight. Or I see people using a Kettlebell that is too light and blow through the round with ease. I always recommend starting at a light to moderate kettlebell if it’s your first time doing a kettlebell complex, however, in order to see the full benefits of complex training, you need to use a weight that’s appropriate for the specific circuit you are doing.

Best of luck!

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