Halloween Gauntlet (Sign-ups now closed)

Halloween Gauntlet (Sign-ups now closed)

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**Sign-ups are now closed for new competitors**

Event: Individual Gauntlet (Open registration for members and non-members)

Date: Saturday, Oct. 30th

Weigh-ins: 8:15a-8:30a

Start Time: 9a-12p

Cost: $50

Includes: T-shirt and Medal. Specialized medals for placers.

Medley 1: 7 Min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 5x reps per exercise:

Bench Press, Trap Bar Deadlift & Log Press.

  • 1 point per rep
  • Winner is determined by most total points

Medley 2: 5 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

1A: Barbell Complex - 4 different barbell exercises (Revealed at the event)

*hint: Can be a mix of front squats, cleans, overhead presses and more..

1B: Pull-ups max for 1 min (females - Band assistance optional)

  • 1 point per rep
  • Winner is determined by most total points

*A few minor weight adjustments made for Women's division on 9/3.

Finals: Thor Hammer Hold Face-off

  • Top 2 Competitors in each weight class.
  • Top Competitors determined by most total combined points in each division.


Men and Women's Masters Classes are optional for 40 years and older.

No refunds. If you cannot make the event for some reason, you will get a credit for a future event.

Team Gauntlet October 31st:

Athletes can sign-up for both events or just one event.

Team Gauntlet sign-up on separate link.

T-shirts given only given out to competitors on "Individual Gauntlet". T-shirt not included for Team Gauntlet Event. Separate Awards for Team Gauntlet. If you sign-up for Team Gauntlet and want to purchase a t-shirt separately, option will be available.

See more information for Team Gauntlet Event on Events page.

*If you have questions on the event, please contact Mike Cly - Phone: 440-596-2756 or Email: mike.strongstyle@gmail.com