7 Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Starting a strength training routine can require a lot of time and effort to ensure you are on the proper path for success. Below, I listed 7 Benefits of Strength Training for Women and a few tips to guide you in the right direction.

Benefit #1: Enhances Mood and Energy

Exercise releases endorphins which play a key role in improving your mood. During Covid, many people have experienced the “Covid Depression” due to lack of exercise. Not having access to your local gym, or shortage of exercise equipment put us in a challenging place. Now, you have no excuse. Get in the gym and increase that energy and boost your mood!

Benefit #2: Reduces the Risk of Injury

Weight Training increases bone density and strengthens your muscles. It also helps build stronger connective tissues. Nearly 80% of women experience back, shoulder or neck pain (Hopefully not all 3). Strength training 3-4 days per week can reduce the risk of injury by nearly 70%.

Benefit #3: It Supports Weight Loss and Weight Management

Weight training will help you build lean muscle which increases the amount of calories you burn at rest. In the long-term, it’s nearly twice as effective at burning fat than diet and cardio alone.

Benefit #4: You’ll Improve Cardiovascular Health

Studies have shown that strength training was better at reducing an individuals risk of heart disease than cardio by itself. Not only will you build a strong body, you will also build a strong heart.

Benefit #5: Gain Strength Without the Bulk

Strength training does not = Bulk. That is a myth. You are more likely to lose inches by weight training 3-4 days per week than diet alone. There’s nothing wrong with being strong!

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Benefit #6: It Builds Confidence

Let’s face it…The days of Jazzercise and step classes are a thing of the past. Women are strength training more now than ever and it shows. Whether you want to carry 8 bags of groceries to the car, lift the couch with one arm, or have the total body strength to walk 5 dogs at once, weight training will build the confidence you need to display that strength. You will be more functional and do everyday tasks more effectively.

Benefit #7: Better Sleep

Studies have shown that those who weight train 3 or more days per week will experience better sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in muscle recovery and overall wellness. 7-8 hours of sleep per night is essential for recovery.

Tips to Get Started

  • Hire a Trainer – Yes, trainers are not cheap. However, neither is a weak body (in the long run). Trainers will help you set goals, create a customized training routine, and hold you accountable to crush your goals.
  • Find a Friend – Find someone who has similar goals. It will be much easier to be on the same workout routine, schedule and intensity level. Studies have shown that training with a partner will increase your results by nearly 50%.
  • Start Slow (yes, I know it’s tough) – In my experience of training hundreds of women over the years, I’ve seen plenty of women start too fast and quit too early. There are many factors in getting exceptional results. My advice is to layout your plan in a workout journal, and make a goal to improve by 1% each day. Whether it’s doing an extra rep, or walking another ¼ mile. Start slow and build slow. That is a recipe for success.

  • Attend a class – Strength Training classes, such as Strong Style Athletics, is a great way for women to start weight training. Not only do the class instructors hold you accountable, teach you proper form, and push you to your limits, they will keep you on a consistent schedule with daily classes.


I have been training for nearly 17 years. I have seen the benefits of strength training for women. From boosting their confidence, to conquering health issues. It has been rewarding to see the progress over the years. If you want a routine to follow at your own gym or at Strong Style, I encourage you to check out the program I created Hybrid Training 1 and offer any assistance if you have questions or need help.

 I wish you the best of luck. Now get in the gym and kick some ass!

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